Intermediate Unit 13 - The Void
Miraj Ahmed, Martin Jameson

Nothingness and void have been the focus of the unit investigation into space and how we might contemplate the contemporary city. Void can be understood in terms of not only ‘lack’ but also of temporality, context and states of being. Intermediate 13 has been interested in the void in relation to human experience and habitation within the city – read as a reaction to issues of form for form’s sake – where emptiness can again be recognised as an essential ingredient in a world of multiplicity. Early observation and investigation of voids in painting and architecture revealed the use of emptiness, not just as a compositional and spatial device but also as a means of generating political, social and psychological effects.

Interim states and indeterminate urbanism are explored at Elephant and Castle through Clem’s perpetual development of the Heygate Estate and Fortuné’s proposition to transform the transport interchange into a plane of negotiated flow and possibility. The values of the City of London are challenged by Richard’s academic heterotopia, and Anouk’s process of erasure to reveal a lost river and Harshit’s step-well bathhouse. The void at the heart of Tottenham’s social turmoil is investigated in Alex’s community ‘forum’ while the sublime is explored 

in Rachel’s proposition for a vast retail box and Louise’s framed journey towards the horizon in the expansive Lea Valley reservoirs. The interpretation of void as space of potential, stillness and poche in King’s Cross is explored as an ‘empty space’ of theatre by Yiling in her re-appropriation of Camden Town Hall, a vessel of light in Elaine’s pavilion and Regina’s ‘wrapping’ of a proposed office building. The primal is explored in Philip’s proposition for an underworld promenade of darkness within a railway cutting – a place of visceral experience.

Unit Staff

Miraj Ahmed

Martin Jameson



Anouk Ahlborn

Clementine Blakemore

Philip Doumler

Rachel Khalil

Richard Leung 

Shi Qi Ng

Alexandra Paritzky

Fortuné Penniman

Harshit Kothari Singh

Elaine Tsui

Louise Underhill

Yiling Zhang


Special thanks To


Adams Kara Taylor 

Jeroen van Ameijde

Kelly Chorpening

Kevin Cash

Ryan Dillon

Sarah Entwistle

Adam Furman

Teresa Hoskyns

Ikuko Iwamoto

Sam Jacob

Tomas Klasnik

Lefkos Kyriacou

Amy Perkins

Christopher Pierce

Amanda Rushid

Dingle Price

Annette Robinson

Greg Ross

Natasha Sandmeier

Ingrid Schröder

Serie Architects (UK and India)

Nikolay S Shahpazov

Colette Sheddick

Brett Steele

Thomas Weaver

Adam Willis


The Void