Housing & Urbanism Design Workshop
Jorge Fiori, Hugo Hinsley, Lawrence Barth, Nicholas Bullock, Kathryn Firth, Dominic Papa, Elena Pascolo, Alex Warnock-Smith, Elad Eisenstein

This website shows work of the Housing & Urbanism programme, selected from our design workshops in central London areas experiencing pressure of change, in the Lower Lea Valley on the inner periphery of east London, and in Tainan, Taiwan. Students have worked in teams on design and research. Each team addressed the processes and the spatial potential of urban development around the theme of ‘the productive city’, related to the implications of knowledge-based economies, and the opportunity for synergies between existing and new urban cultures.

The H&U programme engages with urbanism both as a spatial discipline and an element of the political processes of the city. It addresses the relation between design strategies and the rethinking of urban institutions through the critique of dominant practices in urbanism, and through experimentation with alternative methods and tools of spatial design. Themes investigated through this work included approaches to enhancing ‘innovation environments’ and ‘knowledge-based’ clusters through their urbanisation; issues of mix, density and urban intensification, in which architecture is seen more dynamically in relation to an urban process; and seeking an appropriate urbanism to address irregularity and informality and to engage with the interaction of spatial strategies with urban social policies.

Jorge Fiori
Hugo Hinsley
Lawrence Barth
Nicholas Bullock
Elad Eisenstein
Kathryn Firth
Dominic Papa
Elena Pascolo
Alex Warnock-Smith

Alfredo Brillembourg
Joan Busquets
Jose Castillo
Darryl Chen
Teddy Cruz
Julio Davial
Florian Dirschedl
Trevor Flynn
Paul Gerretsen
Sascha Haselmayer
Felipe Hernandez
Anderson Inge
Jorge Juaregui
Dominique Laousse
Franklin Lee
Charles Lin
Mukesh Metha
Vyjayanthi Rao
Alessandro Rizzo
Wouter Spijkerman
Steve Tomlinson
Ann Varley
John Worthington

Emilie Bechet
Monica Arzoz Canalizo
Mariana Cardenal Alonso-Allende
Hemalatha Mallabadi Channabasappa
Carlos Nunez Davila
Devika Deshmukh
John Nathan Foust
Supriya Gandhi
Katsushi Goto
Anne Hanrahan
Juan Felipe Lopez Hechem
Jorge Sanchez Herrera
Yukyeong Je
Bhushan Joshi
Melissa Abou Karam
Sidharth Malik
Miqdad Mahadwala
Enrique Mascort del Pozo
Shawn Meyers
Juliana Ribeiro Muniz
Lea Olsson
Elena Ozherelyeva
Ajinkya Ravindra Pawar
Konstantin Seufert
Sheeba Shetty
Ruozhu Tang
Kanaka Thakker
Maria Lambeth Vicent
Anke Wetzel
Mabel Zertuche
Sepehr Zhand