Intermediate Unit 5
David Greene and Samantha Hardingham

Bill of Quantities for the New Nature

OS grid ref TQ345805
1 x question: ‘how might architecture be conditioned by the processes and technologies of search and retrieval?’ 12 x responses
0 x airmiles
1 x train to Newcastle (and back)
3 x unrealised architectural conjectures – a variety of optimum responses to designing for the exchange of information (Kiesler’s Endless House + Price’s Oxford Corner House + the Cowboy’s Pontiac Office)
36 x film sketches
11 x nationalities
1 x method – film as a sketchbook
400,000 x searches
3 x exchanges (with guests)
12 x supersensible speculations
1 x edible feast menu: dirt pie, info-mayo, rolling cake, c-thru fishdish, satellite pineapple, ricebytes, scrambled school
374 x years combined experience
9.48 x km site area – Wapping to Poplar
3 minutes of space in which to design
12 x city ingredients: sanitation – office space – education – retail – storage – food production – conversation – spectacle – folly – faith – real estate
1 x frothy metropolitan sanitation plan
1 x regal short-term Olympic looking machine
1 x school on which the sun never sets
1 x tea-e-room
1 x super cow park for viable beef consumption
1 x endless hood
1 x double-bubble-object-of-desire
1 x data storage pool
1 x discontinuous pigeon stop
1 x everything-anything town plan
1 x trinity by the water
1 x something between a building and a landscape
12 x design projects as sites for doubt…not certainty
1 x collective pursuit of a multiple aesthetic by means of an unreconstructed visual feast


Inter 5 People

Ross Adams
Daniel Ayat
Akhil Bakhda
Valerie Bennett
Giulio Bertelli
Stefano Branca
Stefana Broadbent
Shumi Bose
Barbara Campbell-Lange
Mollie Claypool
Peter Cook
Mark Cousins
Ryan Dillon
Merlin Eayrs
Shin Egashira
Sarah Entwistle
Killian Fabich
Mark Fisher
Belinda Flaherty
Wolfgang Frese
Jon Goodbun
Orit Goldstein-Mayer
David Greene
Jason Griffiths
Nara Ha
Samantha Hardingham
Phung Hieu Minh Van
Insoo Hwang
Naida Iljazovic
Tobias Klein
Zak Kyes
Kirstie Little
Duncan Macaulay
Bruno Malusa
Roberta Marcaccio
Erez Missri
Joel Newman
Claudia Pasquero
Christopher Pierce
Marco Poletto
Ajeetha Ranganathan
Marie-Louise Raue
Ivonne Santoyo Orozco
Irénée Scalbert
Stella-Sophie Seroglou
Kevin Shepherd
Toby Shew
Emmanouil Stavrakakis
Brett Steele
Mon Thi Han
Dionisis Tzakis
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Carlos Villanueva-Brandt
Rahul Vishwakarma
John Walter
Thomas Weaver