Fortuné Penniman
Inter 13
An investigation into the interstitial street space of Carlo Crivelli's Annunciation. 
Void is a space of passage and flow. It is that which exists between the walls of its containers. 'You can tilt your head from left to right, but you cannot see over this wall.'
Morphing the directive flow of the single-point perspective into a scroll, with multiple points of ingress and egress.Cast plaster models exploring the circulatory space of the Royal Festival Hall and the thickened groundscape of the Southbank.Experiential analysis of Elephant and Castle, specifically the market outside the Shopping Centre. An immense richness of space which occurs 'despite' the architecture, rather than 'because of' the architecture.Speculative images showing the potential 'terrain vague' of Elephant and Castle. 
A complete erasure in response to the existing structures of segregation and control. An urban room for Elephant and Castle. An archipelago of difference in the context of the city. An absolute space.An axonometric drawing of the five rules of an urban room:
boundary and edge
column-fieldThe 'ideal' room for a city: a civic place where city dwellers must negotiate the space with conflicting uses. The act of negotiation, as a political act, is what makes the room a city.
Extending the street space of the market into street; space is boundless within the boundary of the proposition area.
'Architecture is the act of Separation.'
The room becomes the a new centre for Elephant and Castle, one which is in constant dialogue with its context through simultaneous integration and separation.'Space is the most fundamental thing for all of us, yet none of us can see it.'
We cannot construct a space, but we can construct the container which frames it. 
In this proposition of space, hierarchies of public vs private, interior vs exterior, are stripped bare and all that is left is space in its most absolute; as a structure that organises relations.