Regina Shi Qi NG
Inter 13
The act of wrapping is used to accentuate his power and nobleness. The wrapping is voluminous not only under the wrap, but also on the surface of the wrap, so it seems as if volumes of space are attached on to him.Wrapped model exploring the notion of wrapping on San Carlo Church, referencing from the construction of bustle frame used to make Victorian dressesExploring the notion of wrapping on San Carlo Church, fabrics of different stiffness and tightness are tested to create pleats of different sizes. Wrapping the office blocks in Kings Cross creates voluminous pleats around the edges of the skin. The skin creates opportunities for the night and street life to be established. Experimental model of silk fabric draping over a blue foam site model, pins are used as supporting points to construct pleats and folds.Ground Floor will be used as casino, where each building will contain a different game; parasitical programs of a casino will occupy the pockets of space on the edges of the skin.Floor Plan of the Hotel. Hotel rooms occupy the pockets on the edges of the skin. Internal area is open communal area. Extended floor plates allow people to access to another building on the upper floor. Residents are able to access to the balcony on the other side of the skin.The act of wrapping is an art of seduction, it has the ability to emphasise what it conceals. The skin is provocative and is able to provoke images. We are immediately intrigued by what could be hidden underneath the skin and what does this hedonistic world contains.When an object is being wrapped, it is often given more value than it is in its unwrapped state. This makes the wrapped casino more powerful next to the two train stations.The concealed casino attracts street and night life. The windows reveal part of the hedonistic world under the skin.