Kai Ching Richard Leung
Inter 13
The City of London is a machine for profit with profit desire as the fuel and the corporations as the engines that run the City, obtaining a level of power which results in social divide and dialogue break-down.The Think Tank is a space of discussing alternative politics and economics against the backdrop of the City where the mentality of profit-acquisition runs rampant.The Think Tank expresses difference firstly with its facade and entrance. It becomes a symbol of resistance against the City, within the City.The outer-most layer is the circulation area where the 6x6m corporate column grid is translated sectionally for the placement of support beams.Against the typology of the skyscraper, circulation direction within the Think Tank is inwards instead of upwards, emphasising on inward reflection instead of upward acquisition.The emphasis on horizontallity against the skyscraper's emphasis on verticality can clearly be seen in the section.The inner-most space is a body of water, serving no specific functional purposes other than to provide a space of contemplation. Within the reflection of the water, the higher the skyscrapers go in reality, the deeper they fall.The Think Tank - a space for the discussion of alternative political and econonomic systems.