Emergent Technologies and Design
Michael Weinstock, George Jeronimidis, Evan Greenberg, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Mehran Gharleghi

The Emergent Technologies and Design programme is focused on the concepts and convergent interdisciplinary effects of emergence on design and production technologies, as well as on developing these as creative inputs to new architectural design processes. The programme continues to evolve through the development of our research in the studio, the seminar coursework and the dissertations. We aim to produce new research each year, building from our interests and expertise in material organisation and the design and development of systems in a variety of scales. This continuation of work is focused on the interdisciplinary effects of emergence, biomimetics and evolutionary computation of design and production technologies. 

The instruments of analysis and design in Emergent Technologies are computational processes. The seminar courses and core studio are designed to familiarise students with these instruments, their associated conceptual fields and their application to architectural design research. The courses are extensively cross-linked, thematically and instrumentally, with each other and with the core studio. In Core Studio 1 the focus is on the exploration of material systems and their development into differentiated surfaces and assemblies. These assemblies demonstrate the potential for integrated structural and environmental performance to produce local microclimatic variations that define spatial arrangement. In Core Studio 2 we investigate a larger and more complex piece of the city, examining urban systems and generating new material, social and ecological organisations.


Visiting Tutors

Achim Menges
Fabian Scheurer



Janet Barlow, Reader in Urban Meteorology, University of Reading
Joan Busquets, BAU and Harvard GSD
Suryansh Chandra, Zaha Hadid Architects
Alan Dempsey, NEX
Cristina Diaz Moreno, AMID / Cero 9
Christina Doumpioti, Architectural Association
Efren Garcia Grinda, AMID / Cero 9
Tyson Hosmer, Cecil Balmond Studio
Jeroen Janssen, Architectural Association
Toni Kotnik, ETH and University of Innsbruck
Skylar Tibbits, MIT
Jordi Truco, HYBRIDa and ELISAVA