Conservation of Historic Buildings
Andrew Shepherd, David Heath, David Hills

The Conservation of Historic Buildings course awards a First Graduate Diploma on completion of its two-year, part-time programme. Designed for built heritage professionals, and following the ICOMOS training guidelines, the course aims to enhance awareness and skills in the core areas of historic knowledge and cultural appreciation; research and report writing; philosophies of conservation; traditional building materials; structures of historic buildings; fabric deterioration and repair; building investigations and assessments; regeneration and conservation; design in modern urban contexts, and international projects. In addition to developing a wide range of knowledge concerning all past eras, the programme continues to investigate twentieth-century buildings and environs along with the current political and social issues of change, regeneration and urban redevelopment. 

The course continues to place a strong emphasis on the study and research of a variety of different materials by visiting a stone quarry, a leadworks and a timberworks, and we are indebted to the many lecturers and tour organisers that we encountered during these explorations. Throughout the year we continued our relationship with the Building Conservation Department of the National Technical University of Athens. In addition to this, and in conjunction with the AA Public Programme, we welcomed back the Belgian conservation architect Barbara van der Wee, who delivered a lecture on architect Victor Horta and the award-winning conservation projects that she has completed for many his buildings. 

Director Andrew Shepherd continued to lecture and lead workshops on building repairs for the Swedish Foundation ‘Cultural Heritage without Borders’ training camp in Gjirokastra, Albania as well as Prizren and Dranoc, Kosovo. In addition, our involvement with the proposed conservation of Kurt Schwitters’ Merz Barn at Elterwater in the Lake District will continue into the summer holiday period at the Littoral Trust’s Architecture Summer School, and will be followed by the submission of grant funding applications for the regeneration of the Merz Barn site. 



Danielle Hewitt


Visiting Lecturers included

John Allen, Brian Ayers, Marion Baeli, John Bailey, Justine Bailey, Clyde Binfield, Bill Blake, David Bonnett, Ian Bristow, Richard Brown, Sarah Brown, Linda Bullock, Neil Burton, John Burton, Elaine Byrne, Sharon Cather, Alan Cathersides, Nick Chapple, Jonathan Coad, Peter Cox, Patrick Crawford, Robert De Maus, Brian Dix, Philip Dixon, Michael Drury, Ian Dungavell, Keith Emerick, Helen Ensor, Geoff Evans, Tim Floyd, Claire Gapper, John Gajewski, Emily Gee, Dan Golberg, Alan Greening, Richard Halsey, Julian Harrap, Harriett Harriss, Richard Harris, Elain Harwood, Bob Hawkins, David Heath, Paula Henderson, Jacques Heyman, Charles Hind, Helen Hughes, Ian Hume, Richard Ireland, Rachel James, Timothy Jones, Frank Kelsall, Shawn Kholuchy, Monica Knight, Ellen Leslie, John Letts, Steve Levrant, Cathy Littlejohn, Alyson McDermott, Ed Morton, Cathy Oakes, David Odgers, Tom Oliver, Alan Powers, John Redmill, Geoff Rich, Clive Richardson, Eric Robinson, Judith Roebuck, Helen Rogers, Matthew Saunders, Veronica Sekules, Malcolm Starr, Sally Strachey, Robert Thorne, Tony Walker, Dan Wallington, Karina Walton, Michael West, Gill White, Roger White, Andrew Wiles, Richard Wilson, John Woods, Christopher Woodward.