Spatial Performance & Design
Theo lorenz, Tanja Siems, Andy Dean, Renaud Wiser

For every reflection there is both an angle of reflection and an angle of incidence – incidence being the occasion of happening. In our daily lives we are surrounded by reflections that augment reality, distort perception, mediate information, link circumstance and generate spontaneous relations between object, space and event. The incidences of our day-to-day lives can allow for uniqueness, if we can find a way to view them from particular focused angles.

Within the framework of a 24-hour cinematic choreography of architecture, dance, design, fashion, film, gastronomy, photography and music, Angles of Incidence composes light, sound and time to create dynamic overlaps between these elements, resulting in a series of spatial performances across Europe in 2012 in Cologne (50°.6°) in March, Madrid (40°.3°) in May, and finally London (51°.0°) in September. 

The project aims to expose a hidden ‘worknet’ between multiple professions. The studio – operating as an interdisciplinary creative office where knowledge exchange is a core focus – relies on overlapping innovation in the various expertises of its members to develop communication across creative disciplines.

The most recent Angles of Incidence, 40°.3°, which took place on the 19/20 May, was a 24-hour creative exchange at Matadero Madrid. The project was a collaborative effort between international dance and music partners: Hochschule für Musik und TanzKöln, KunstSalon Foundation and New Movement Collective. 40°.3° was designed as a platform to bring together the makers of culture in a dynamic environment that activates the potential of the creative network across borders and genres. Incidences unfolded in a series of events where professionals and the public interacted in an original performance. Evolving from the intimate setting of a dinner through to a public market, the performance comes together in five entangled acts – Supper, Concert, Lounge, Market, and Show – set within a series of interior spaces at Matadero’s Nave 16. 


Workshop Tutors and Lecturers

Allard van Horn
Ariadna Cantis
Edgar Gonzalez
Joel Newman 
Malgorzata Dzierzon
Steve Webb
Tom Elliot


Network Partners

Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln
The KunstSalon Foundation
Matadero Madrid
Music Technology LTD
New Movement Collective
Olivia Te Cuida