Zachary Fluker
Diploma 18
India rural analysisIndia Rural AnalysisIndia AnalysisReinterpretation of Jeremy Rifkin's four Pillars for 'The Third Industrial Revolution'. Changing the urban setting of buildings that produce their own energy to India's agricultural plots generating electricity through energy crops and  artificial photosynthetic devices.   A rural dedicated economy of scales in which two energy-harvesting cycles run adjacent to one and other. One consisting of a natural energy material, harvested yearly and providing an annual income to families. And the other an artificial energy producing catalyst that provides daily energy needs for family dwellings.In order to make Miscanthus profitable and still allow for ample amount of food production land, the heavily subdivided land would need to regrouped back to its families intial parcel. The regrouping plots would be done to a limit no less than 2 hectares to insure it was both food and energy needs could be met. The Land Use Strategy creates a hybrid agricultural model that lies between extensive and intensive practices. It allows for intensive measures like spraying nutrients or pesticides over large areas and providing enough space to mass-produced valuable crops.  While at the same time, keeping the traditional values of food production for families alive.The second implementation in t.e.r.r.a’s agenda is a device that produces the daily energy needs for villagers. The device is plugged into the miscanthus with an intravenous needle providing irrigation and nutrients to aid the plants growth. Water levels are kept at a constant level through an injection tube at the bottom of the tube. The water fills the transparent tube, which incases the artificial photosynthetic catalyst allowing the H20 to be split and separated. Two hoses at the top extract the hydrogen and oxygen and transport it to separate holding tanks. Supporting and connecting the natural and artificial is an exoskeleton, which is supported laterally by the woven mesh.Much like an electrical system that runs in a series the device is designed to operate in clusters with hoses extracting the valuable hydrogen and oxygen