Stefania Triantafyllou
Diploma 3
The new city approached through the plain and the vineyards, unobstructed by any unnatural highways.The external zone represents the agora - the public centre - the second the offices, the third the dwellings and finally the triptych monument of the city.A combination of the existing Hippodamian grid of Troy with topography.The archaic and classical house have now been proportionally scaled and transformed into an apartment of a modern dwelling block.Troy, whether fictional, mythical or real, is a reference point for the three elements that shaped western European development: language,  politics, art.

Whether these are represented through a World Trade Centre or a lit-up cathedral, they are three to project the importance of the past with the present and the impact they have on shaping a new culture, a new civilisation and a new city.

Although they define the end of this meta city, they are at the same time the starting point for its future expansion.