Inter 2
A painting workshop in Berwick Street to 'rethink the existing Kemp House', rather than demolish it.  Local Residents expressing their deep connection and passion for the area. Berwick Street, Soho, London's oldest market, originating in 1933. Building the market structure in the flat with reclaimed floorboards, rope, bolts and hands. Inviting locals to discuss and write on the the market stall, some of the existing strengths and weaknesses of the streetTranslating the market trader's stories into shadow scenes, to then be bought to the street to be retold by passers' by. Alec has been on the market for over fifty years and holds a fruit and veg stall. One of my shadow scenes was translated into Alec's famous saying; Local residents expressing their love and memories of the street. Designing Omar's new wooden falafel stall in Berwick Street, with timber that we found in local skips and building sites.Weekly workshops in Berwick street, inviting each and every member of the community to step up, and get involved.