Olympia Simopoulou
First Year
Looking at the terraced houses as a centipede - one whole structure created through the attachment of separate segmentsLooking at the terraced houses as a cluster - a homogeneous continuous mass in which no separate parts can be identified: a patternTaking the building block away from the context of the collective facade and representing it as a single independent unit which can function separately.Aiming to apply the logic of the City Project into the Apartment, the plan represents the rooms as clearly distinctive units while showing a condition that makes them perceived as a unified continuous space. The concept of equality, seen in the terraced houses, is translated into the plan by giving all rooms same size, shape and dimensions.The wide door openings provides a view of the adjacent rooms, thus creating the perception of a continuous unified space.The triangular-shaped rooms allow the furniture to be positioned at the corner, thus not disrupting the privacy of the rooms. The prolonged internal wall, going all the way from the two diagonal corners of the apartment, acts as a unifying element - it belongs to all spaces/compartments.The glass wall further acts as a unifying element, merging the interior with the exterior space.Montage showing east-facing bedroom illuminated by the rising sun.Juxtaposed with the previous image, the montage shows an identical view of the north-facing bedroom. Both images convey the idea that despite all rooms have same size, they all vary in terms of their function, light exposure, furniture, wall texture, window view, etc.