Sho Ito
Inter 3
Like Noah’s ark re-populating earth in order regenerate the eco system, my ark explores the idea of regenerating a social interaction network within the site. Rebuilding the eco-system, whether it is collective or personal over generational time through surveying the condition of liquefaction.Investigating the relationship between the victims and site. Supporting them to re-connect to the event, city, each other and themselves.The Ark sleeping underground, cultivating crucial information is only triggered by the next disastrous event. Erupting out of the soil, the ambiguous and obscure structure stimulates an interaction between the architecture and victims. Monitoring structure which surveys the landscape inorder to generate the synthetic environment which the victims would experience.Exploring the idea to generate an alternative possibility of interaction for the victims, through both physical and virtual participation, as the unit brief mentions (post cyber punk codec) Codec suggesting the relationship between the hardware and software: Codification The rapid social and technological growth has altered how we relate, interact and communicate to people. From virtual girlfriends, virtual graveyard, facebook, and 3d hologram live concert is a society that can relate to emotional, cultural, traditional rituals intimately through the cybernetic space and find relationships.Thee initial sight would be daunting and frightening. The surface will be covered in mud, rocks, dirt etc. Strangely blending with the catastrophic site. However, the tower like structure generates an ambiguous interaction with the victims.However entering the space, the immense contrast between the disastrous sight of the outside world and the interior of the facility, attempts to generate a second of peace. Like the Maggie centre of Zaha, the contrast between the exterior and interior is said to calm patients who have cancer.