Shahaf Blumer
First Year
Silent Running
Soylent Green
Dark City

Admiror'In the city of Admiror, the sun rises at 8 am until 4 pm. Thick air flies above the ground threatening to consume any potential growth.

The material from which the buildings are made is causing heavy toxic clouds.
Prolonged direct contact with the substance is dangerous and not recommended by the authorities.

The 'intoxicated' material creates long-lasting structures that demonstrate permanent rules and disciplines in the city.  

Life is rhythmic and monitored while most of society agrees with government positions.'
'An ordinary man wakes up at 6.30 arrives to his workplace at 8.00 and works for the best part of 9 hours a day. Not challenged or stimulated, an ordinary man arrives home at 6pm.
 At 7pm he eats his dinner.
At 9pm he goes to sleep.
No thinking, no plodding, no touching and no personalising.'
The house is being liberated from its conventional functions and projects a specific verb. 
Élan’s body acts as a verbal unit of measurement to express the relationship between the human scale and interior space.                                      

Throughout experiencing the first room - 'touch' – he realises the negative aspects of the city. 
The tilted roof with its plaster reliefs invites Élan to touch a decorative element that is usually valued by its visual appearance.'Élan walks towards the circular door, on the floor a dent the size of a head is waiting to be filled by Élan's.
With a head stand, a flow of blood and oxygen arrives directly to his brain. Once the head is clear, a trail of thoughts penetrate the mind. Later, Élan chooses to crawl to the other side.''Élan understands the importance of self-expression and he decides to act on his own cubical space and physically personalising it and fight the generalisation in the city.
The pioneering act of Élan in order to change the city affected the public and caused a large-scale transformation.'
After the chaos, an order is developed in the urban fabric. The city starts having an identity through the extension of the ornaments which take over the external environment. Apertures are excavated and create new spaces and paths using the existed structures in the city. The individual started with personalising his own domain and ended personalising the street.