Ruohong Wu
Diploma 5
The aim of the project is to transform the former national owned steel factory in Beijing into a protective ground and  new approach to the production of public space for the active social workers in Beijing to disseminate political ideas that are currently censored. The project incorporated into the abandoned National Steel industrial complex. In the west end of the cross axis of Beijing, stands together with the Olympic Park on the north end of the Axis. Independent artists In Beijing inhabit the building as social DJs to congregate the public in Beijing who feel excluded from the mainstream institution.Each part of the building is taken from redundant industrial elements. And re-assemble them into new public territory for the city.The plan explained how elements are placed in different density and scale, in order to construct the isotropic field of machines.When the pollution level is getting harmful for the citizens and people are aware about their living conditions.The active social workers put on their mask and fully release the steam from the building to conduct isolated environment for discussions.The field is switched on during winter season through the production of steam. 800 steam nozzle on the field of pipes are released, forming a massive steam field that is hot, humid and blurred. people express themselves freely through the protection of steam.Discussions are announce to the city by emitting colour reacting to seasonal pollution.With this 12-month colour combination that can be seen the different clouds along the year depending on the prevailing winds and NO2+SO2 value of the city. The building providing a new way of reading the city.The colour travels far in the city to deliver the message from the building to the rest of the city.To conclude, the project uses the material left over by the Communists, to construct a public territory for the people in Beijing to work and gather in the cold winter.