Pei Tsen Yeoh
First Year
My proposal is a critique to the over-construction of landmarks and exaggerates the implications of the current situation: the city will look the same and there will be so much unoccupied space within the buildings. From the bird's eye view, the city is a collection of boxes. It is boring, banal, unexciting …Something strange is happening within the boxes. Together, these buildings are machines that will independently form their own conditions. The interior walls of the generic start to pick up and manifest elements of the building it has capped and the elements begin to creep into the interior.The middle of the building is often empty and unoccupied, and loses its relevance over time. Only the top and the bottom of the building survives.In contrast to the generic exterior, the interior is an exciting and unexpected space. The generic building and the landmark are beginning to become a single entity.Over time, the building becomes the void. It is too uneconomical to maintain the unoccupied levels.The focus on the landmark decreases until it is completely lost. At ground level, you only notice the bizarre forms being manifested on the walls of all the other buildings.The landmarks have become simply generic, and the generic building stands out. The iconic skyline is seen from the ground rather than from above and becomes a spatial experience.