Natasha Rieffel
First Year
Having looked at the way theatres are organised today, it is clear to see that there is a clear divide between the space in which the public can enjoy the art and the private stage and backstage area that is defined for the artists. By opening up this separation the Union Theatre Centre can start to create a completely open public space with private rehearsal rooms.Exploring the ways in which a material could be used to create a space that can be closed for private rehearsal and opened up to a larger unified auditorium.The Union Theatre Centre would be located in the middle of Union Street, London. The site includes many different kinds of environments, for different uses. Starting from an empty lot for the open square of the theatre leading directly to the street itself. 
Moving to beneath the railway viaduct which allows private pockets under the arches to be used for the rehearsal rooms. The theatre also looks at developing a high line by using the empty sidings next to the railway.Taking the derelict spaces beneath the arches and changing them to an area where people stay and enjoy just by adding seats.The shape of the rooms were made after a study on the musical ergonomics of a musicians' movements. In this case, the maximum and minimum movements were taken and a room made of sound-proofing material adapted to this shape.
Creating an area where people can practice music as freely as possible, without disturbing the next door neighbour. Hopefully this would be used for the right reasons!The project involved looking at how the Union Theatre Centre interacted with other institutions on Union High Street. The prominent European Patent Office tower neighbouring the open square could be used as a theatre setting structure for the performances. 

The high line, which the theatre starts to interact with, also looks at supporting the Banking Farm. This starts to create a space where people can enjoy art and nature.The highline would be a space for people to enjoy art and performance as well as the open petting farm located nearby at the Banking Farm.The Union Theatre Centre offers a space of open auditorium performance as well as the availability for private rehearsal practice.These rooms would be easily accessible to the public. Moving up and down and adapting to the space needed for the particular activity.