Maud Sanciaume
Diploma 16
Mapping Argentinean Biomes in relation to the beef industry (ranch and feedlots) and soya industry. We can see a clear centralization  of both of them around Buenos Aires, in the Pampa. 

This intensive monoculture is not only destroying the grassland ecosystem but also the Argentinean meat culture and all the local activities that go with it.  The era of gauchos ridding horses and gathering cattle in the Pampa might come to an end sooner than we expected. The instability of Argentinean political regimes during the last 40 years has brought a decline in local production and has forced the desertification of small towns in the Pampa to a massive population exodus in Buenos Aires. 

Indeed Argentina transformed radically from an international provisionary country, to a self-providing nation.  This sudden change has literally killed the international meat market in Argentina, stopping foreign countries from investing in the local infrastructure (railway) and therefore resulting in the desertification of small villages along its network.  The Circus is  a small nomadic city of 50 to 300 person moving all year long on the roads or railways of  different countries.  Circuses, in general, have an established routine. Like nomads, who follow a path for the Cattle pasture, Circuses follow paths depending on the events happening in a country. The aim of the Meat Circus is both to reactivate social and economical activities in the villages of the Pampa, through the creation of temporal events, and as well returning value to the Argentinean meat culture. It opens new trails of communication or we might say it repairs certain links that had disappeared.