Lorenzo Luzzi
First Year
Street projection test for the installation at 1:1 scale.Bus 55 in relation to the cityFocus of the activities of the Clerkenwell area into one location only.Projection on to a second facade.Merging together two realities of the city: public and private layers merged on one facadeThe purpose of the film is to make people act in a pre-planned way through an insertion in the mind.

In this case, it is supposed to alter the function of a landscape window. Three images to recap the three stages of the insertion project:
1. Abstract scale, Mind Insertion.
2. 1:1 scale: Merging together two layers of the city into a facade through live projections.
3. Urban scale, focus of the main activities of the Clerkenwell area in one spot only.Testing the Mind Insertion film live in a cafe.
Projecting the film on the facade of the building on the other side of the road from a cafe window.
The test shows how people react to it, physically and psychologically.Translation of the studies of the relation between movement and permanence, of the observation of the mind insertion  into a live projection insertion in the city, in relation to the bus 55.