Leni Popovici
Inter 3
Explanatory diagrams showing the formation of the cocoon structure, the supporting ribs and the exterior metal panelling.Elevation of cocooned paper archive and suggestion of bridge in relationship with the landscape which it describes.Interior structure of cocooned paper archive in relationship with the tsunami line which determines the bridge. The element of the line is carried forward from the bridge to the interior of the structure.A multitude of lines converging in the midst of a landscape composed of fragments of memoryModel combining different textures, materials and aiming at capturing the material qualities of the project, at the same time as exploring the textural qualities of ageing paper.Model juxtaposing the different textural qualities of metal, paper and rock.Plan visualisation of a field of air particles reacting as a result of a gust of air passing through trees in a bamboo forest. The spread of particles begins to create a field describing a transient and ephemeral event.Model experimenting with the structure and paper organisation of the bridge leading to the main archive, with accent put on the formation of lines and juxtaposition of paper, metal, wood and string.How can we visualise a landscape created of layered memories, passing, changing and morphing in time, in relationship to the tsunami height line?Landscape composed of fragments of human memory in relationship to the tsunami height line.