Kira Sciberras
First Year
Orange areas highlight where the parasitic apt and the original apts connect and at some points interact.A study of trace and evidence: Looking at the interactions between buildings and people. Specifically looking at the entrance of the BMA.There is a direct correlation between the dirt and waste we leave on the floor and the areas in which people are or decide to stay in. In this case I mapped out the chewing gum on the floor to be able to determine the flow of people and the areas in which they stop and stay in for a period of time. Here I took a 5cm x 5cm cube and applied the theories I was experimenting with to the cube in order to experiment. A study of how Parasitic Man lives and interacts with the two apartments he lives in between. We can see a step-by-step rough guide showing how he would go about each daily chore. A specific guide to how the Parasitic Man woud move through his small and incognito apt. A different take on the Neufert Architects' Data book, one specifically designed for the Parasitic Apartment. A gateway into another dimension. A initial study of a small pathway between two main streets that lead to the idea of a portal. A small and hidden entrance that leads you into another world or a different time. A study of space and time within this void area! This was my rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. An idea that sparked off a whole project. Following the idea of a small and hidden space, I moved on to find my own crack and fracture in the fabric of the city. A small division in between two apartments intrigued me and I slowly started to squeeze a livable space in the walls of the two! After establishing a clear area for this apartment to be fitted in, I began to plan out how this space could and would be parasitic. I mapped out in orange the areas of interaction between the Parasitic Man and the original residents of the two apartments. I looked specifically at the entrance of the space and how the Parasitic Man would enter. Understanding exactly, down to the details, where and how the Parasitic Man uses the areas designed for him, be it watching tv or using the sink, even checking his emails!