Joe Cho
Diploma 4
The entanglement of complex 
autonomous systems and policies form invisible metropolis around the choke points.The global supply chain allows world to sustain and transform, such reliance enhances intensification in itself.The intensification of surveillance and monitoring of choke points act as a resistance to its transformation. It brings highly controlled form of spatial conditions hence the transformations has been established through architecture of simplification.The growth in use of automatized processes, devices and drones intensifies specialization and separation of operations. The application of simplification takes part in multiple scales of spatial conditions and also multiple levels of operations.The standardisation and specialisation creates enclaves and compounds. Its operation creates self contained autonomous spaces that creates condition of having no interactions or accumulation with local context.
The condition of monolithic relationship between authority and stakeholders allows big corporations act as innocent in its space of extraterritoriality.The physical spatial condition reveals understanding of the space in the physical space and the perceptive space.
The interaction of 2 conditions result implication in much large space of operation. i.e. interaction of 'wet barrel' and 'dry barrel' plays major role in determining oil price which has been established through both local and global operation conditions.The formation of spaces of control often composed through very limited materials. The very same materials of surveillance systems, the barriers and militarization forms its spatial condition in multiple scales.Today the establishment of barriers and fences dominates forming border conditions of sovereignty and it often act as a device that implements perceptive image of security. It reflects direct concern from state authority in very specific locations which neglects involvement of local conditions.The current formation of actors are limited to the state authority and operation organization.

The transformation of Assembly accumulating state, regional, local authorities and private corporations allows interaction of multiple scale governance and alternative development schemes around choke points which largely forms metropolitan space around the choke points.With the accumulation of different actors operating in the region, it gradually form a frame work of metropolitan area and reveals current nature of invisible metropolitan identity as a visible one.