Jiwon Lee
First Year
Memory embedded in place involves more than simply any one personal story . There are the wider and deeper narrative currents that gather together all those who have ever lived there. Each person effectively reshapes the place by making his and her story a thread in the meaning of the place and also has to come to terms with the many layers of story that already exist in a given location. 
Philip Sheldrake, Space for the Sacred: Place, Memory and Identity.Form of expression placement of posters, graffiti, stickers, etc documented in accumulating layers on the wall. Adding thickness to the existing buildings in Brick Lane and gradually reducing street space the layers are a documentation through timeand in this way they act like an archive.Five methodologies to guide myself for reading and sampling existing sitesStreet, ageing and memoryIllustrating the special elements of Neal's Yard based on the site analysis in terms of programme, material, size and traffic flow etcFrom Neal's Yard, London to Sarugaku, Tokyo
Process to infuse Neal’s Yard into Japanese contemporary architecture, Sarugaku by compartmentalising different elements of two spaces consist their unique identityNature: the ability to propagate in urban conditionDesign development, construction processImaging the changing and ageing process of Sarugaku in a long duration.The long journey from Brick Lane to and from Neal's Yard to Sarugaku.