Jing Qiao
Diploma 3
CLT is used for quick delivery and construction. Rooflight in the megaron provides enough daylight for living and working.  Theses five types of megarons provide minimal living for 2 to 10 people. They expand from nuclear family living to multi-generational living. The amount of 10,000 megarons distributed on the city grid (10m x 30m) for 100,000 people. Public space is provided by private plots between houses. Megarons become the immaterial structure for public space. Entrance to the city from North to South is the border of the city on the east. The city starts from 1,000 megarons by the boundary, growing in every 1,000 in ten phases, until it reaches 10,000 megarons fully occupied on the hill.Urban programmes including living, working and shopping are distributed in different manners to organize the city.  Megarons form public building types. Religious buildings including Churches, mosque and synagogue and athletic stadium locating by the entrance will create regional structure. One biogas CHP plant provides lighting and heating for 99 houses. In total there are 100 CHP plants that control city growth and expansion. Cables connect houses by CHP plants. 10,000 megarons fully occupied Hisarlik hill towards the ruins.The city is represented by the local inhabitants and the neighbourhood.