Ioannis Kanakas
After facing a mental restriction, i was led to give a visual form to this invisible power. I designed a head and two hand cages in human scale, in order to restrict the human body physically. The main ideas of these restrictions were to limit the view and the movement of the human body.Film still of a video with the theme of mental and physical restriction.A technical drawing (scale 1:500) that shows the elevation and the plan of a memorial park in Berlin, which was a site chosen from a specific movie (The Lives of Others)Analysing the human body in terms of the space around it and its inside.
X-rays of my thorax (front and profile) and drawing of my heart and my lungs in same scale.
Technical drawing representing my body in relation with an imaginary cube from which I am surrounded. A wind mirror pendulum device (scale 1:1) which in this example was used in order to capture the natural light and throw it into different directions.A triple mirror pendulum model, positioned in nature (scale 1:1). Each pendulum tends to make a different movement which is mainly affected from the height and weight of it. In the pendulums have been attached surfaces with broken mirrors. The 'moving mirrors' were positioned in order to create a feeling of disorientation to the observer.A pendulum installation which interacts with the human body (scale 1:1). Each wooden platform of the installation tends to move in a different motion. The speed and the movement of each platform depends on the object which is positioned or removed from the installation. In the same time the weight, the height, the width and other aspects of the object could affect the movement of each platform. Freehand drawing of different phases of a technological garment, which was designed in order to show the isolation which is caused nowadays by technological dominance in human life.Images that show the isolation which is caused by technological aspects. Images of the garment inside, which show the quality and the shape of it. In the same time, the light which is throwm inside the garment shows the properties and the materiality of it.