Hye-Ju Park
Diploma 1
From the Frenzy of the informal trade in the streets around Exchange Alley in 1720 to the High Frequency trading behind closed walls on Paternoster Square, the City of London constitutes in its entirety a constructed reality of the global economyWorld markets are interrelated to each other by synchronising 24 hours on GMT with 2 hours temporal voids.Rise of (Market) Machine
High Frequency TradingIndustrial Revolution time is no longer working today. Our conventional and constant time is dynamically compressed and expanded by information exchange through fibre optic network at travel speed of  5.5 milliseconds per 1 kilometre.Royal Exchange revives by playing its old role, the reference point to measure new dynamic time. Inside view of Vacuum Vessel
There is no light and no air. Only Perfect emptiness is present to keep true time.
The Square mile has been reacted toward the financial impulses by re-organising inside components. New arrival of reference point will cause decay in the second city and it will lead to rise of third city.New self-referential time will redefine our relationship between time and space.