artemis doupa
Diploma 2
I focused on simple genetic modifications, which would accelerate the process of evolution of an animal's bodily characteristics.'Technology traditionally was created to protect us from the forces of nature gives rise to a next nature and now we use technology to protect what its left of it. We co-evolve with technology, fiction has become our reality.'

               -next nature'He thanked her and focused on the texture of the floor between the grasses. The core was coming closer and he extended his arm in order to reach the rail. He now held it strongly and followed its path. He soon arrived in front of a couple of steps but couldn’t quite see where they led. He released his grip on the rail and walked towards the steps, uncertain, hoping that more would appear as he continued. He tried to keep the memory of his last vision while he walked. In his mind he kept the rhythm of his every move.' 'He rotated 180 degrees and faced the doors of the elevator inviting him in. His curiosity was not yet satisfied as he walked into the glass enclosure and absorbed the surroundings with wonder.''He could see more people riding with him and behind them, flashes of light flying vertically. The lift started moving and the lit core transformed into strokes and patterns of light. ''He had read about this. They use nests in order to host birds and protect them from the light pollution. They also provide them with a prosthetic coated with a night vision paint that can emit 3 weeks of light after only a minute in daylight. But the nests seemed empty. He walked towards the window and now he understood. The faint greenish flying patterns he saw earlier were birds circling the tower.''He felt pleased and embraced the darkness. He stood and thought