Cliff Anlong Tan
Inter 7
Where in almost every instance, buildings project different images depending on the context which they face.Taking a local edifice for study, it becomes clear how elements that adorn a facade have the ability to affect the way a building is read and acknowledged.Like a hole, which has the ability to dictate the way the view is seen, a device can be formulated to calibrate the way architecture is experienced.With the site of the project sandwiched between two very different localities, it becomes a threshold which can be purposed for architectural formulation.Having formulated ideal programmatic situations, these are located specifically for optimum and reading and legibility, also to maximise possible hybrid functions.With each element in its designated location, the specifics of its surfaces are mapped out in preparation for the image projections that would eventually encase them.Being all about image and reading, all exposed surfaces of the building are unravelled to create a continuous plane of surfaces on which the design is carried out.The view of the project from Arbat Square in a 180-degree perspectival drawing.An internal view outwards towards a self interior before the rest of the city The Model, in 1:100