Alvaro Pulpeiro
Inter 1

Architecture in this project acts as a facilitator and as a seductive device, the JACUZZI, where innocence and perversion collide in order to form a cosmos of its own…  In this stylistic and ritualistic pilgrimage from the top of the scoop to the bottom of the pit, where one encounters what he has been wishing to encounter…that eternal companion; that eternal landscape… a landscape he will conquer {ex: make love to} yet he won’t posses because after all it is nothing BUT! Oh! Romance…”what comes after death?” the drifter might ask 
…Romance it is! ; you, Wishful Thinker must loudly state! a Romance facilitated by a commodity, a commodity that creates a cosmic aura of its own…thus you! Will fall into its bacchanal and rejoice in it…
-- a burning sun crumbling under the grandiose splendour of the Borrego Mountain range; -- 
-- this, Wishful Thinker, is the ultimate promisse of foreverness condensed into a single image... --Diagram illustrating - with examples - the way the architecture of objects like the TV, the Trailer while driving and the JACUZZI world worlds.... they facilitate, filtrate and generate new Shower! --moderate the pressure and temperature of the quasi-holy water that will liberate you from the sweat of 127˚ F Summers-- Ritual : 


Look from the Top of the Scoop | Observe the several episodes the architecture will soon provide


Walk down | The view starts focusing on the first episode the architecture provides the future Jacuzzi user.


Now Shave! --get rid of the facial and body hair that once populated that aged body--

Now Paint yourself! --hide the imperfections of a being that may have been seductive once upon a time--

Don’t forget about the presence that will haunt you until you conquer it once both of you get submersed inside the Jacuzzi.


Shower! --moderate the pressure and temperature of the quasi-holy water that will liberate you from the sweat of 127˚ F Summers-- 

Now, in this green marble cladded shower, for the first time, the shininess of two 8’chromed J300 pumps can be glimpsed --a diamond bullet--


Draw the Curtain, a heavy curtain, in order to access and see what you have been wishing to feel --the California Kidney pool.-- --grey oily water-- but this can be outdone by the ecstatic shininess of the Jacuzzi and …a promise of foreverness --of an eternal companion-- maybe just eternal until the bacchanal ecstasies --which could be a mere orgasm or death on each others arms while Bert Kaempfert softens eardrums and slows down hearts— Ultimately this moment of being seduced by the Jacuzzi ‘s warm oily water and the landscape being mirrored and heavily distorted on the surface of the J-300 pump is nothing but a communal reconciliation with oneself in relation to the landscape… human and natural. Here John Wayne finds Natalie Wood and suddenly holds her up at arm’s length, we pass from stylized gesture to feeling, from John Wayne being suddenly petrified to being reunited and reconciled with his dream, desire, obsession… with being-in.

Objects were collected and isolated. From that isolation context was re-assed and re-constructed ...always from object out... from inside out.