Albane Duvillier
Inter 2
Lina Bo Bardi's glass house: a model where the roof has been removed and the house is being surrounded by tracing paper trees!a network of underground passages to spread and expand the counterculture activities below ground in SohoA counterculture based on a camp attitude stating a NO towards the mainstream commercial evolution of SohoA resin model to describe the narrow transitional spaces leading to the access of the basement bar and its courtyard.Stourhead's grotto can be considered as a secret architectural device, hidden in the landscape, allowing oneself to escape other people's gaze!Below ground, the water level in the chalk basin is rising to such an extent that the buildings and subways of London are becoming unstable! How to tackle this danger?
By building new boreholes all over London to extract the water and inject it in the water supply!
a borehole in Soho would be particularly satisfying, being located in the area where the potential for recovery is the highest!Map of the tiny mosses and ferns growing in Soho from the water supply leakages (gutters …)How to carry the water from the borehole to the walls supporting the underground spaces, in order to feed and overgrow ferns and mosses.Water is feeding the greenery from the copper tubes embedded in the walls, the sun is hitting the centre of the courtyard and lighting the underground level.
the humidity level is 80% and it is 13°C, empty bottles from the last event are still spread everywhere.
model made of wax, concrete, chalk, copper pipe, water, pump, mosses.