Akhil Bakhda
Inter 5
Showing an exploration of colour and light to be utilised aesthetically later on in the design process.Supplanting a car factory aesthetic and industry onto Oxford Street, potentially revealing a new hybridised shopping and advertisement typology.Shifting the site from Oxford Street to the Westway, this was an initial attempt at drawing boutique towers along the westway with exotic, seductive car-like kiosks cantilevered from them. Hybridising a car - like aesthetic vs shopping boutique aesthetic along the Westway, a motorway cutting through the heart of consumerist London.Automated, high-octane travel on the Westway. A space to speed through and to, consuming images, adverts, light and colour, conditioned like cars in a factory for the consumerist fantasy that awaits in West London. A light show of colour and primal desire. A elevation, refining the strategic placement of exotic car-like boutique towers and zoetropic lights along the Westway. Detailed axonometrics showing the architectural language of car factories and shopping department stores colliding to create a lift shaft that ascends to a glorious, colourful heaven …  Ascending the psychedelic boutique tower via a rotating car pickup robot, conditioned and primed for your consumerist fantasy. Click the poster to watch the 27.5 secs. Spectacle of Commodity Safari on the Westway, featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna.