Jin Seo Lee
First Year
Briefly showing the location of the institution. Showing surrounding retail stores that can be united through the bank. Site plan showing how the inside of the site will be managed and also showing how foundations can be used to make up for the furniture such as bar table etc.There are three different lights which I have been working on and this is one of them, the reflection chandelier and also main light source inside the site. Reflecting car light and also brightening ip the spaceWhen the light source is put into the site, it will have three different light inputs. I wanted to show how the light is played when seen from the section.Three different light sources have been tested to see which gives the most suitable light reflection which suits my project.How it would look from the inside of the site, to see the impact light has on the site.There are three different light sources that have effects on my project. From car light, chandelier and the wine glasses. changing the variables for these three types have allowed me to test this more further and widely.What would happen to the site when there are three types shining at the same time and same point? I wanted to show what it would look like when the lights are put into play. To see how the reflector actually works when taken into the space. When the reflector is made, it is tested and filmed.