Yonatan Buchhandler
Inter 7
Mapping potential sites in Moscow which are voids, to create a parasite of a hybrid of a museum and storageLarge-scale research on the urban fabric of Moscow with a comparison to London.Research on density models which are devices of display and storage from a condition of 0.01% density in a fashion shop to a condition of 99.9% density in a junk yard.Programmatic densification and deformation through time based programs, slicing of programs and growth of programs.Options of diagrammatic organisation of density vs voids in a scale of a building: bands, patch, clusters etc.Categories of different types of objects based on value, colour, size, materiality, and etc. sectional application of how the different types are organised with the emphasis on filing vs filling.   Different routes of circulation in relation to the different types of users and context on siteGrowth of the density of objects vs. the density of programs Organisation of the density modelsInternal views of the devices and content in the archive of density.