AA Visiting School Programme
Chris Pierce, various tutors

The AA Visiting School provides an opportunity for visiting students, young architects, recent graduates and other creative individuals to participate in the AA in a form that emulates the school’s famed ‘unit system’ – that is, through a highly focused short course pursuing a shared agenda of collaborative design, study, research and performance on subjects at the forefront of architectural discourse. 2011/12 saw the Visiting School continue to grow across the globe and in scope with the introduction of around 15 new courses that thrive on experimentation, intensity and camaraderie while fostering new friendships for the students, tutors and AA community at large. This growth pushes the size of the Visiting School to 50 workshops across two dozen cities and five continents, offering unparalleled learning opportunities. Many of these ‘laboratories’, ‘building workshops’, ‘nomadic studios’ or ‘schools’ are formed with collaborating partners – academic, industrial, commercial and/or creative – growing a far-reaching network that opens doors to everyone involved.

Established in 2008, the Visiting School’s only constant characteristic has been its experimental approach to architectural education. Agendas, places, people and programmes are continually reinvented.

Whether your interests lie in analogue or digital modelling, 2D or 3D production there is a myriad of mediums at your disposal allowing you to forge your own path in locations from Paris to Penang, from Beijing to Bogotá. As we look back at the amazing work completed this year by the many different AA Visiting Schools we also look forward with excitement at what lies ahead for the future growth and reinvention of our global workshops. 


Christopher Pierce



Karina Joseph