Saskia Lewis, Takako Hasegawa

The Foundation course offers a one-year introduction to an art- and design-based education. It allows students to develop conceptual ideas by experimenting with a range of media and a variety of disciplines from fine art to architecture. Students work in an intimate studio environment both individual and group projects. Taught by experienced tutors and visiting practitioners, the course provides a unique cross-disciplinary education within the context of an architectural school.

Cooking Up A Storm
‘A patchwork of facts, connections, impressions and recollections, designed less to tell you exactly what to do than to provide the spark for your own recipe or adaptation’. Niki Segnit, The Flavour Thesaurus

A Taste of Who You Are: we measured our experiences and distilled our qualities to create a self-portrait based on these essential ingredients, aromas and flavours. 

Tools of the Trade: we trawled flea markets for objects that resonated with our narrative, examined their qualities, functions and histories, before dissecting, adapting, replicating and reproducing these objects. 

Hunting and Gathering: we consumed movies set in Berlin, sought out locations and analysed various shots, in order to make a series of interpretive drawings, models, travelogues, forensic recordings, mappings, diagrams, ephemera, anecdotes, menus and recipes.

Dressing for dinner: we prepared for dinner by surveying our bodies and produced garments that restricted, augmented, subverted and dramatised our bodies, fomenting conversation and speaking of the delicate intimacy between the human body and its surroundings.

Take (Away) Two: we rewound and fast-forwarded through recent events to edit our experiences – setting them to rhythms, sounds and dialogues. 

Gather Your Thoughts and Feast Your Eyes: we combined, experimented and explored various mixtures to reheat and reduce our works to serve our final feast – a meal that might be indigestible, or simply delicious.

Leith Adjina
Umberto Bellardi-Ricci
Taneli Mansikkamäki

Consultant Tutors and Critics

Miraj Ahmed
Sue Barr
Pascale Bertier
Charlie and Georgie Corry Wright
Alison Crawshaw
Albane Duvillier
Rupert Hartley
Romina K
Clare McDonald
Flora McLean
Joel Newman
Cher Potter
Trys Smith
Brett Steele
Adrian Taylor