Tyler Bollier
First Year
This is a montage to describe the experience of the apartment space mediating between the outside and the public circulation core. The house doesn't isolate the individual from the city but bounds the experience together. The experience of the interior space is greatly affected by how you sense the solidity of the wall.  I looked more closely at the treatment of the outer façade and created different intensities that you would have with the screen and the exterior. Therefore constantly negotiating this threshold condition the apartment has between the exterior and public core.The apartment has peeled away the layers of the home; the intimacy of the individual goes from being sheltered to exposed. It is an apartment design that reformulates the relationships from a hostile to a constant negotiation and open to interpretation.  
A quote by Sou Fugimito that I feel reaches the heart of my project: 'My intention was to make an architecture that is not about space nor about form, but simply about expressing the riches of what are This are a selections of models reflecting the thoughts process I went though in deciding on the details of my apartment design.Here are montages from a collection of photographs of streets, facades, details and rooms that I used as tools to reconstruct and reinvent the essential moments of the city.

Photographing London cleared my lens. Focusing on everyday moments I witnessed a battle between the public and the private space. I wanted to describe this isolation of the individual form the city, guarding himself behing the accentuated entrance acting as a buffer zone of protection. Only a thin screen separates the stranger from the privacy of the home. This allows a playful interactions, of shadows, light, sounds, from both parts, the house and the city.

It forces intimacy to the outside, makes the space more comfortable for conversation to arise.