Samantha Lee
Diploma 6
From the density of oil spills to the aerosol particles of carbon dioxide, these are replaced by the materiality of bits and bytes of data. The magnitudes of which traverse geographic scales previously charted by cartographers.From the capillaries of biological chips to a cluster of parallel linked botanical processors.Questioning the idea of natural, this biological hardware has been redesigned as scalable fluidic switches. The binary logic is determined by the flow or no flow of water.Rivers are manipulated and redesigned as large-scale fluidic hardware. Output ponds form computational microclimates of changing pH levels and plankton populations, as botanical processors run calculations through the capillaries of leaves.The value of computational information is contested with the material value of oil underground.The swarming processing power of snow geese have been used to run oil futures algorithms, where small ripples in the system are amplified to create changes in flocking permutations.The movement of snow geese is separated from the static background using a form of object recognition. When the majority of the system lies dormant, the inuit residents of Kaktovik survey the land through observations.

(Original image courtesy of Dessi)The freshness of ice described through the direction of snow ridges, and 100 MB of words for sea ice, gathered and processed into a high resolution model.As an economic valuing of landscape, this is a closer representation to the reality of the Arctic Refuge than a nature documentary.