Reo Suzuki
Diploma 6
Sorry for being terribly late. The blue reflection from sea surface received by the Arctic stratus cloud used to be a landscape indicator on the landfast ice during the April whaling season.  However, because of climate change, the cloud appears in February today.Diorama of Lost Landscape Phenomena One.As sea ice reflects 80% of UV light, Snow blindness used to happen when sun light gets stronger in the spring.  It damages retinas of hunter’s eye, so with the symptom, they can’t open their eyes up to 48 hours and need to stay in bed.Diorama of Lost Landscape Phenomena Two.It is said that Inupiat have more than 120 words to describe the condition of ice and snow.  Sponsored by Hagen Dazs, 120 conditions were recreated and preserved as vanilla flavour ice cream. 'Privtla' snow melting in spring rain. 'Dinliltla' little balls of snow that cling to Husky fur.  'Puntla' a mouthful of snow to punish children's fibbing. 

Diorama of Lost Landscape Phenomena Three.Anodized aluminium panels were engraved for eternal preservation of the drawing.A letter was prepared for the addresses collected from posts in street bins.An invisible proscenium arch superimposed in the reality of the city.  Cruel beyond Antonin Artaud.