Mazin Orfali
Diploma 5
An infrastructural instrument of weather whispers in the flat Texan horizon. Within the silent and mechanized landscape of Odessa, Texas, a N.A.N. comes across strange cloud formations rippling through the skies above, appearing underneath the tall and almost imperceptible Aeolian Fields.
The New American Nomad stands beneath the heart, the silent engine room of Aeolian Fields, the 300 meter tall wind tunnel emitting hot & humid air.The spatial organization for public/vehicular domains are defined by carefully manipulating and calibrating the internal wind flows. Visualizing the calibrated immaterial landscape of air movement. The peaks illustrate the angular amount of air particle deformation in the set zone whilst the bottom layer highlights the direction of movement.Each shell of the instrument is a carefully shaped entity creating 3 experiential landscapes; the upper surface as an extended viewing platform across the landscape, the ground floor vortex experiential public space and in the lower floor, the Storm Clock. The lower floor of the Storm Clock contains an engraved landscaped surface acting as a sundial, revealing the Storm Seasons which spread across regions of Tornado AlleyCapturing the immaterial landscape, showing densities of wind, speed and direction of travel. New American Nomads congregate within Aeolian Fields during their Snowbird to the Southern States; viewing the strange Natrifical landscapes that have embraced the F5 Tornado Scar. When the sites humidity reaches 85%+, the horse hair hygrometer facade system embedded within each structural member opens, allowing the external rain flow to penetrate and water the interior plant species, deadening the calibrated wind flow. Storm Chasers & Extreme Weather Junkies fill the building, experiencing the strange, silent and powerful internal micro climate. Storm Clocks are read as they prepare for the next Storm Chase onto the ever unpredictable Tornado Alley.