Marie-Louise Raue
Inter 5
The Tobacco Dock in Wapping – an existing warehouse structure, redesigned into a shopping mall in the 1990s and unused for the last 20 years – is an example of urban use, re-use and non-use. As a possible site for the first cleaning utility it becomes part of the cycle of urban transformation. Possible distribution of cleaning utilities in the London Borough of Tower HamletsIf we became bashful with the internalisation of the bathroom into the private home, but simultaneously exposed ourselves with 3000 Facebook pictures being uploaded every second, could we create a metropolitan utility that translates the condition of informational 'unerasure' into physical space?The Oxford English Dictionary defines cleanliness as 'the absence of dirt. It is both the state of being clean and free from dirt, and the process of achieving and maintaining that state.'The Endless House by Friedrich Kiesler is stripped back to its servicing elements. Different cleaning devices are being orchestrated in space for an endless cleaning process.A pink sponge, a pink bike, laundry and a laptop!
Which cleaning devices or techniques would be required to create a space of constant cleaning? If the production of dirt is endless, at which speed does the urban utility operate?If Mary Douglas said ...give her Leisure, give her Pleasure, give her an Electrolux!