John Naylor
Diploma 17
The current Federally protected tribal reserve in the wilderness between Brazil and VenezuelaOn a sample geology such an mined landscape would emergeOn a sample geology such an mined landscape would emergeThe set of rules for excavating to lay the foundations for a new post mining settlementThe guidelines for how the territory is excavated provide the framework for civic circulation and activityA speculation into the different activities which can take place following different carved topologies form the excavation process.The guidelines begin an infrastructure though the Roraima wilderness making productive and laying the foundations fo permanent settlement where hidden mineral wealth does not collide with the location of a tribal settlement.The a globalised economy the conflicts of Roraima are the consequence of external forces.The process of excavation exposes different soils and therefore different possibilities for crops with all require differing levels of water resources and labour intensities.On a territorial level the excavation guidelines offer a balance between exploiting mineral wealth and avoiding tribal settlements. However tribal protection is fundamental and excavation is forbidden within 5km of an indigenous settlement.