Jin-Ho Kim
Diploma 16
A biome is a regional ecosystem that can be characterized by a distinct set of animals and plants. A variety of modifications influence the functioning of grassland ecosystems. Having researched on major effect on grassland by human modification, this drawing machine exercise started testing how different variables can have influence on specific site.
The project proposes an artificial grassland biome specific city which co-exists in the nature. Particularly, planned gold mining starts within next two years in the site. The result of open-pit mining will be huge sunken spaces and my project intension is to naturalize and convert a completed mine into a space for local agricultural production and rural settlement. 
Based on retaining wall, inhabitation of the space and slope stability are to be achieved.Configuration of circulation is based on the parameter and the geometry, which were set up in previous page. In mining operation the logistic circulation is supposed to be linear and simple to facilitate the carrying ore. Subsequently, the configuration will be changed in post-mine stage in order to adopt the various programmes.The canopy plays a role as an environmental aid in order to create suitable condition for post-mine programmes
The design of the open-pit is based on the consideration of the context and according to insolation analysis of the pit, which will inform the configuration of the settlement. Intensive FARMING areas  are to be located on north part of the pit as the analysis shows south facing slops and steps receive more sunlight throughout the year, whereas RESIDENTIAL area will sit on the most accessible location along with the perimeter of the pit.