Erez Missri
Inter 5
Conditions of an architecture: 
an electronic topology constantly tuning and retuning itself, scattered, disjointed, broken and detached ruinated scaffolding, teeming streets yet promising from a vast metropopolis of ruins, a thriving yet unstable city shining domes, wrecked urbanity, delicate weeds, unseen larks disturbing the rumble of construction. 

Nomadic Forms of Communication and Information Exchange  
1964 Pontiac advert 
2012 Tottenham Court Road 

Nomadic digital networks, orbiting GPS satellites and clouds of computing connections.

A fix object in fixed yet fluid environment.
A backdrop for our social and nomadic (WWW) imaginary. 

The map is an abstraction, it can’t cover the earth in a 1:1 accuracy. In the framework of the substantive geography’s fractal complexity, the map can only see in specific dimensions. Vast spaces are evading the measure pole.

Everything is nature …