Doyoun Cho
Diploma 14
It is a housing project located in Bond.The project deploys the wall as an entity in different scales from urban to detail.Twin urban walls accommodate individual housing units facing towards the city, whilst share spaces are placed inwards.Individual units face towards the city, whilst share spaces are placed inwards.The walls contain fundamental living elements and through their parallel composition, individual units are given free and undefined spaces that can be rearranged according to the needs.The facade of share spaces is designed to be transparent, so that inside activities are projected to the outside.The space of communal gallery can be recognised by looking at facing tower, since the twin composition of the project allows reflected configuration of spaces. This composition creates in-between space that offers public gathering place, whilst framing the cityscape.Under this central terrace, the proposal accommodates public space that is open not only for the inhabitants but also for the public. This space follows the same principle of the wall that is deployed for the individual unit.
The city is introduced into the individual unit as part of the interior by framing it with minimal architectural elements. The transformed wall and its inhabited condition will hopefully bring a new way of dwelling in a student housing in central London.