Beom Kwan Kim
Diploma 8
The project questions the coexistence of production within the dense parameters of the city of Shenzhen. The main question that my project addresses is how multiple scales of production can coexist and reorganize themselves.This identifies the location of new manufacturing hubs through the juxtaposition and overlay of a new system grid for the city.My argument is that the city is no longer a single system concentrated in one area. The city today operates has a series of supply chains that can be understood as the intercultural property of the city. My proposal is therefore ultimately to be reflected in the architecture of the whole city. Not one of a massive factory plans in Shenzhen but as a master scheme which integrates with and interacts with the city The different ground condition and the context with each nodes on system gridSequential time plan	
Stage A – rule for new production nodes / integration with existing infrastructure on the grid in that. 
It enables each node to be applied into the existing infrastructure with different scales such as (port, train station, main road and bridge.)
Stage B – implementation of a new production fabric / generate a new production fabric on each selected node
Each new production node supports different scales of new production fabric arrangement with different scales and contexts such as (port, sea, mountain, reclaimed land and dense urban contexts).
A plan that incorporates both circulation of production system, public system and private buildings and suggests a clear division of responsibility for the fabrics

Stage C – new production grid is interconnected with different scales of a new production fabric / coexistence of multiple scales of new production system in the city along side the new grid system 
and each new production fabric supports the new grid system arrangement
New production unit on selected nodes

G.2.Rail way
G.3.Urban dense context
G.5.Reclaimed land
G.6.Port-Shenzhen bay bridge
D.3.MountainHow cities of an emerging nature can represent themselves at the global level through architecture.New corporation facadeNew image of production line / New image  of corporation office 
/ G.3. Dense urban contextNew role of production system in the city of Shenzhen