Ali Asad
Diploma 6
Formulation of the problem, Article 76 stipulates that the continental shelf of a coastal state comprises the seabed and the subsoil of marine areas that extend beyond its territorial sea, and establishes the right of each coastal state to determine that outer limit by means of two criteria based on natural prolongation or distance- 200 nautical miles from the coast baseline - to extend beyond that distance, but only up to a distance of 350 nautical miles into international waters, the criteria is simple- match the geological composition of  the claimed territory to that of your continental shelf.The corporation's Initial Strategy plan c.2009-12 conveys the two tactical directions that it employs in its bid to the GeoArctic.The Corporation worked on a system of contingencies and probabilities, first infiltrating the existing infrastructures of arctic research, defining zones of implantation and exploring the Protocellular spread in terms of its density and the adopted corporation territory implied within that density. The intention was not full coverage across the basin, but a calculated array that would insure maximum probabilities of contaminating potential samples.Between 2012 and 2045, the Corporation's territorial control encounters tensions with the existing frameworks of jurisdiction that it has rubbed up against. The geological boundaries it has marked push back on it with increasing pressure from the intergovernmental forums of the north. The extents of the Autonomous Arctic Zone, a geography not laid bare to its geology but defined by it. As the activities of the Corporation increasingly shift from expansion and intervention, its role as an arbitrator of forceful ambitions and claims becomes more prominent. The first implant marks the inception of the Corporation's vision, its Foundation Stone. The Protocellular Agents seek to metabolise specific shales and limestones, identified within the Corporation's Tactical Strategy (or TS). As the geological composition of the seabed shifts, increasing its autonomy from the surrounding shelves, it begins to create anomalies within the scanners and sounders of research vessels. Submersibles wade through the dark abyss of the basins, to find these markers of autonomy … silt architectures of the deep sea …As the Corporation's territorial reach increases across the basins and into the potentially claimable territories of Canada, Russia and the US, the corporation resorts to employing the same mechanisms and undergoing the same laborious processes of sediment sampling of the past. Sending its own evidence of entitlement, gathering its own Declarations of Autonomy …The emergence of new endemic ecosystems within the arrays of Protocellular spread creates its own array of environmentally protected areas within the basins, further substantiating the need for the corporation to maintain and preserve the seabed and its citizenship …The zones of Arctic have always held a very complex systems of tolls - whether the obstructions implicit within them lay with an unbreakable ice shelf, an extractive lease, no right to vessel passage, or a zone marker. By 2045, the zones of the seabed are exactly how the corporation conceived of them and how they were formed over time, but what is happening on the surface, that doesn’t depend on the zone or the marker, that depends on …