Wing Tam
Diploma 9
An introduction of the Project from Casa del Fascio. 

These plates describe architecture in terms of uniform: with one side that is true to its own ideology and another side to present an alternative public persona; and how Casa del Fascio dis-inform the viewers by suggesting that physical transparency corresponds to political transparency.

The Re-Con focus on the front facade of Casa del Fascio. It re-contexturalise the facade's balconies and propaganda wall.The project will then take the audience from WWII to the 21st century.

This is a google map of Foxconn (a factor in China assembling iPhones and iPads, under the scrutiny of the Westerns eyes after 17 workers committed suicide within 5 months). 

The google map is produced solely for the purpose of gaining acceptance for the viewers.

This map can only be viewed through the lens of the satellite, allowing Foxconn to maintain its production orientated ideology in the factory site.A google street view shows a glitch of the Foxconn uniform. Which is when a lorry looks as if it is travelling from ground level to the top of a 30-storey building.

These glitches are on neither side of the uniform (they don't satisfy production nor selling a perfect image to the public). 

But it is at these moments that the viewers' perception is challenged, questioning if there is more that they don't know yet.This image show a moment when workers get into a factory. 

From the Google earth, it would look as if the workers are disappearing into the ground.

The thin painted architecture had rotated a vertical plane to a horizontal plane here. 
Just like how it turns the plane of a production orientated factory to a plane of shiny branded image.The painted uniform (the lorry and the road system on the wall) here is interrupting the lorry in the factory site.

Here, planes are rotated and distorted to satisfy the view for Consumer Foxconn. The spacial perception at Production Foxconn is also being challenged by this painted uniform.Foxconn workers are occupying the space behind the billboards, which are used to hold up the images/painting of Consumer Foxconn to be picked up by the google satellite.

This world between the two world had given a leisure space for the workers. Since leisure space simply do not exist at Production Foxconn and the leisure space at Consumer Foxconn is only for viewing.This drawing combined the satellite strip of Consumer Foxconn, a model of Production Foxconn with the uniform (paint and billboards to produce image for the satellite), and a drawing showing the distorted world of Production Foxconn after the transformation made by the uniform.Continue with the previous drawing. The tyre track of the lorry leads us from an imaginary plan of dormitry at Consumer Foxconn (spacious twin bedroom) to a plan of dormitry of Production Foxconn (where 15 workers share a room full of 4-tiered bunk beds).The crowd from Casa del Facio, the audience, is shifted to the workers at Foxconn. 

Top half shows the transparency of Casa del Fascio but the crowd is always outside of the building.

Bottom half shows the satellite picks up images from the billboards at Production Foxconn and produces a shiny branded image of a well organised Consumer Foxconn on the screen.At Casa del Fascio, all layers are combined to one - the front facade, since that is the one view that ultimately facing the audience and controlled the audience.

At Foxconn, the vertical plane of the factory is rotated to a horizontal plane by the painted architecture. Leading us to imagine a factory under the ground.

Workers eventually occupy the space behind the billboard, which is the world between production and branding, as their leisure space.