Aras Burak
Diploma 8
Looking at the free space from the southeast corner of the building at ground level.The semi-enclosed corporate walkway at +1 connecting groups of office spaces while looking over the ground level, the free space for the city.The edge for the +1 office spaces, the stairs become potentially an ideal location for instant meetings, the central floor has the largest capacity instead of the typical floor stacking we see in any typical building.Cores connect the -1 and +1 levels, the +1 holds the floor plates that can be increased, removed easily within the diaphragm steel structure.The complete floor for the +1 office spaces that defines the symmetry line in section horizontallyDifferent capacities of groups are formed within the +1 level overlapping, expandable on the loop.Three floor types can be seen in a manual step-by-step description format here.Mecidiyekoy district, looking from southeast
Ali Sami Yen stadium and Liquor Factory of Tekel was demolished in 2012.Corporations are mainly aligned on the edge of Buyukdere Street which is also the trajectory for the only metro line in Istanbul.

Sections cut in north–south direction looking towards eastFour bays on the edge form the loop and the gray-shaded zone is the only controlled climate for the office spaces. The rest is a semi-closed public roof, potentially a great space for city events related to media production.