Mon Thi Han
Inter 5
Hypothesis - collision of consumption, meat, infrastructure and wasteBorrowing the language of strips from 'Parc de la Villette' by OMA, diagrammatic masterplan of Super Cow Park arranged in the manner of strips based on industrial process and identification of potential opportunities for injection of human activities. 1 Cow
- 12 months old
- 15-30 kg of grass
- 80 x 500ml bottles of milk a day
- 30 gallons of manure
- 4.5 gallons of blood
- 205 kg carcass
- 410 burgers
- 2150 x 2150 mm cowhide(693425.3946mm long) x (125188.6504mm wide)
Super Cow Park - Lower right against towers of canary wharf60 cows killed daily
10 cows/4hr

10 straight and linear industrial cow lines interrupted by the free-flow of human traffic and the slow passing of car traffic across the length of the masterplan

There is no fence in the proposal, cattle guard is used instead to control the movement of cows.  A slice of sketch book on 
- American beef system
- agricultural architecture
- art of butcheryAmerican Beef - study of stability in cybernetic environments American Beef - study of cattle transportation structure from ranch to feedlot